Exclusive: Ralali’s Joseph Aditya on Building Great Team

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One of Indonesia’s upcoming young entrepreneurs, Joseph Aditya has been chosen as our Rekruta’s Leader of the Month for December 2017. As the founder and CEO of Ralali.com, a B2B online marketplace for MRO (maintenance, repair, and operational) heavy equipment, Joseph shares his view on building great team, creating company culture, and Ralali itself.

Joseph Aditya, Founder & CEO of Ralali


What is a good company culture? 

Good company culture is not just about perks, it is about how we collaborate as a team. It is what we believe and value the most. The team simply know what they are doing when the CEO and other leaders are away, which happens most of the time. A good company culture sustains employees’ enthusiasm.

What would you do to maintain it as Ralali grows?

First of all, we recruit talents selectively. We do not hire people just because they have a great resume, but we make sure they are a good fit for the company. We give candidates a culture fit test to measure how their values, beliefs and behavior fit in with Ralali’s company culture. It is important to have a cultural fit with the company ,so that they are more likely to enjoy their time working while at the same time keeping their enthusiasm to grow with the company.

Second, we clearly communicate with all the employees what is going on within the company, both good news and bad news. We make sure all of us understand what we want to achieve for either long term or short term. We utilize an internal social media to help employees keeping updates, so we are on the same page.

Lastly, every employees’ achievements have to be appreciated and recognized. As simple as when someone help us, we say thanks. All employees want to be recognized, especially when it is coming from the leaders directly. For instance, leaders announce when some employees achieve something that impact significantly in the company. Cash reward are nice, but it should not be considered for the long-term trust and loyalty you need to set the culture. When employees do not feel accountable. What they are supposed to do, do not matter anymore to them. After a couple of months, they will start looking for a new, more fulfilling job.
Name three (or more if you want to) main qualities you look for when you select someone to be your main team?

Customers obsessed, bold, and they have to be willing to embrace change.

I see that you have successfully built Ralali from the ground up and now it’s doing fantastic and it even employs more than a hundred employees. What’s your secret in building such great team?

We invest in people, especially who want to give an impact and challenge the status-quo. Generally, if we invest in a talented team and give them the freedom to create, they will be able to innovate and going for extra miles.  Everyone in a startup moves in a fast pace, so we need to build a team that can collaborate for the greater good. We look for people who have the ability to quickly shift gears to get things done and who do not freeze when chaos strikes. 

Ralali's Team

Say I’m a candidate who is ready for my first day at Ralali, what should I prepare myself for?

We know sometimes first day can be scary. But, you should not be worry; you just need come to the office. Our team already prepared your needs including from workstation, equipment and also some gifts. On your first day, you walk into our office, you will feel a different atmosphere, because we are all passionate for what we do. We will be giving you an office tour, also introducing you to all the employees. You will be joining an orientation program for 2 days, and then you are ready to go and create an impact.

What are three words to describe working at Ralali?

Challenging, Dynamic, Awesome.

What is your most favorite thing about Ralali?

Working in a startup is very challenging because of the changing feels real and it does happen immediately. This situation forces us to keep growing and learning new things. We are given a freedom to create and innovate. We make mistakes and we fail, but that is fine, rather than not trying at all.

What is your least favorite thing about Ralali?

Working hours in startup is not the same with the one in big companies which is 8 to 5. In some cases, we can be still in the office till late night. And, it can occur for a couple days straight. Even sometimes, we work remotely in the holidays or the weekends.

That is why we focus on recruiting talents who have the same passion and goals with the company. Otherwise, they cannot keep up with others. We believe things that we strive for, will be worth it in the future. Ralali will be the leading B2B marketplace in Indonesia.

What’s the coolest thing we can find in Ralali’s office right now?

The coolest thing we have in Ralali is Healing Room, it is a place where employees are healed from all the stressful work. Sometimes, not everything in our plan will be as smooth as toll way, we are getting stuck with the work all the time. In Ralali, we have a team that will help to listen to the core problem and give the solution.

Some people might think that the recreational room is the coolest thing in our office. But unfortunately we have a different thought. Just think about it. If employees went to the recreational room, they would only get for temporary pleasure. We want to fix the core problem, which is their heart and feeling. After those are solved, then they can normally go back to work.

What’s your advice for the reader of this article who might just be looking to scale a great team and build strong culture?

When you put a focus on the culture, you will have guiding principles.  Employees will live by it. It will help you to get through your difficult times. It will help all employees to work towards the same company’s mission. It is the bridge that keeps the company together and aligns with employees.

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