Save Your Recruitment Process with Rekruta [INFOGRAPHIC]

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We have received a lot of questions about what it is that Rekruta does.

Some of you thought  we’re a headhunter. Others thought we’re job portals, like JobStreet or Indeed. And a few of you thought we’re a consultation service.

But we want to let you know what we are, and what we can actually do for you.

Rekruta is an online recruitment software dedicated to help you all from the hiring nightmare by automating all your process, saving your time and energy, and ultimately getting you closer to the best talents for your company.

Here, we have crafted a beautiful infographic detailing what we do and how we do it. It’s very easy to understand and we hope you too will trust our platform as your recruitment solution.

For more information about Rekruta, check out our other posts here or here, drop us an email at or visit our website at and sign up for a free demo about our powerful ATS.


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