9 Problems Only Recruiters Understand [GIF]

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Being a recruiter is not an easy job.

We tend to see problems coming up in looking for that one best talent out of them all, and despite every single question and screening methods we use to weed out the good from the bad ones, there are problems who always seem like to snuggle their ways in to complicate the manpower hunt.

And no one understands them more than our fellow own recruiters.

Here, Rekruta have compiled 9 problems only recruiters will understand from Recruiting Blogs’s Nina Cresswell.

1. The hugely enthusiastic (but totally unsuitable) candidate


You’ve seen this candidate before. You know, the one that makes you feel so moved by their energy and background story, but possesses almost no skill relevant to the job they applied. They’re lovable, but you can’t do anything for them because they can do absolutely zilch for you, or your client.

2. Drowning under mountains of hopeless applications, resumes, and CVs.


You feel like no one actually reads the job description and adverts you have crafted oh-so-carefully. Every golden resume comes with tons of impractical counterparts. Sometimes you wonder how you end up from posting a position for an experienced operations manager for a multinational company with a minimum 5 years background experience to facing huge piles of fresh grads’ applications or clerks. Amazing.

  1. The impossible role to fill


Some roles are sometimes so impossible to fill; you actually wish yourselves a way out upon a star. Not to mention, the deadline that comes with the position is sometimes too short to even be humane. Look at the vacancy list over at Barclay Simpson, for example, and prepare yourself to shed a tear for the recruiters there.

  1. When the position’s salary is unsatisfactory


Oh wow. We’re looking for a professional candidate to take on the same role as they’re in now; only, they’re getting paid less for it. Oh, and the client isn’t adjusting their rate. They want more and more and more. More benefits, more salary, and more everything. It’s like trying to grasp the wind with a hollow net – useless.

  1. When a candidate disappears


You’ve been to that position. You know this is the one. You’ve already seen it coming. Golden. Bulletproof. Amazing candidate with amazing history for your vacant position. You pat yourself on the back for this. And then……they’re gone. No phone response, no answer on the email front; so that’s that. Deep breaths now, deep breaths.

  1. When you think your work is done and are so, so, horribly mistaken


You know what is even worse than an unresponsive candidate is the candidate that pulls out at the last minute, like we mention in the previous point. Even more terrible? The nightmares who actually go through with it all, up until the interview and then don’t turn up for your client. It makes you look like an unprofessional recruiter who can’t seem to do their job well. Bad rep, man. Bad rep. it.

  1. When you look up a candidate on social media and they’re an absolute trainwreck


Is social media a blessing or a curse? We know that social media is like Eve’s apple. You can immediately find everything you want on a candidate from the web, and this means all the good and bad things. While LinkedIn is the perfect place to pick up professionals, the rest of the internet is a whirlwind of human catastrophes. Type a candidate’s name into Google, and you’re confronted with photos of the ‘hard-working, polite postgraduate’ smoking ominous ‘cigarettes’, drinking straight from a Jack Daniels bottle or tweeting something of totally inappropriate nature. Way to bring down a beautiful portfolio.

  1. When it’s oh so obvious a candidate is lying


We weren’t trained to become human lie detectors, but boy did we become them. If someone really wants a job, they’re willing to put forward all the lies they could muster up that minute to land the job They’ll tell you they went to charitable organization somewhere in Papua to tend for the youngsters during their highschool summer vacation 16 years ago if needs be.

  1. When a candidate wants you to call them at ridiculous hours


Nothing is more awkward than your current employer overhearing you on a phone call with a recruiting agent – we totally understand that. Maybe we have been in that position too at some point in our lives. Still, expecting us to ring back at 10pm, or six o’clock in the morning? Ah, the joys of recruitment.

Any more unavoidable recruitment problems you want to get off your chest? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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