Say Yes to Recruitment Video Ads! [VIDEO]

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One thing about modern recruitment is that there is a dynamic notion towards technology. A great way to attract new talent in your company is by taking your recruitment ad to video. With more than ten websites to host video, such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailySocial, and the others, a lot of hiring managers and recruiters are trying to translate their company culture and build their brand through recruitment videos. YouTube alone has over 800 million users each month, and this makes it perfect to find good candidate ground.

Here are some examples of good  recruitment videos from some well-known brands on the web today, and we can perhaps take some lessons and start building video ads as well



Deloitte has a way to win everyone’s heart with this video. The interactive nature of the video gives a sneak peek about what values that are really appreciated in Deloitte, and it creates awareness about how the office looks like, and what to expect when you work there. It also lets you play around with different scenarios that might happen in your work there.

Check out Deloitte’s full interactive video in the link here:



Google’s recruiting video is a bit longer than your typical video advertisement. However, this video showcases all the important points to note in term of recruitment. It gives a glimpse of how the working environment is, the unique benefits Google has to offer, and it even features testimonials from the current employees about the company.

Check out Google’s  full recruitment video in the link here:



In this video, Apple shows the inside look of how people are treating ideas and developing concepts. The recruitment video, like Google’s, also features testimonials from the current employees and how they view the company as a whole. They also talk about some of Apple’s popular products, such as IPad to give sense to the viewers and make the notion much more relatable.

Check out Apple’s full recruitment video in the link here:

Have you seen another great example of a recruitment videos? Please share it in the comments plus what you liked or disliked about the above videos.

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