New Release: Multiple Stages for Each Job Post

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Recruiting is a pretty interesting business. It’s not just about finding the best talent out there and trying to snag them to your company, but also keeping track of these applicants, screening them efficiently, and managing all these processes with powerful software that you use to aid you in your recruitment.
Today, we’re excited to inform you that we have updated our system from candidate-centric ATS platform to job posting-centric ATS platform.

What this means is that now you can make different sets of Stages for each Job Post.
We know that each of your job post might have different hiring process depending on the type of job you put. Perhaps a Software Engineer position would require an extra two assessment stages, whereas a Graphic Designer position would only need one assessment stage but two extra interview stages.

This update will allow you to accommodate those needs, and all these changes will be reflected accordingly in our Reporting feature.

We hope you find this update useful—look out for more powerful updates in the future.

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